Padgett proved to me the value of having monthly reports. Their timeliness keeps me abreast of my business status, and the Padgett Reality Check service offers side by side comparisons with like-kind businesses across the country. This is a great reference tool!
Padgett’s turnaround time is awesome and I love the pick up and drop off services. It’s one less thing to have to do each month.


Accounting has always been a difficult chore for me; but with Padgett, I get the up to date financials every month, and on time. What a load off my shoulders! I’d highly recommend them! Oh, did I mention Sarah is an Accountant with a Heart. What a rare find!!
Never in my lifetime did I expect to find an Accounting and Tax service that actually gives priority to small business owners! We have dealt with larger firms in the area and they don’t provide the timeliness that is so critical to running a successful business. We were tired of taking our taxes to our accountant in January, and not getting them back until April. With Padgett, we don’t experience delays, and their professionalism is top notch!


We have tried everything from hiring an in-house accountant, trying to learn QuickBooks, and using the services of larger firms. An in-house accountant was just not affordable to us. QuickBooks just wasn’t our strong suit, and it seemed we were constantly paying a CPA $100.00/hour to come in and fix our messes. Larger firms have qualified accountants, but it seems like we would just get one familiar with how our business operates, and then they would send out a different person.
With Padgett, we see the same people each month, and they know our business better than we do! They do great quality, timely and most importantly AFFORDABLE WORK!
As far as we are concerned they have no competition in Bismarck-Mandan. They are head and shoulders above everything we have ever tried!!


You owe it to your business to talk to the income tax and accounting experts at Padgett Business Services. Padgett provides prompt, professional and personalized service to our business, at an affordable price! We like the fact that they are locally owned, and they are a small business just like us. They understand our needs, and most importantly THEY CARE ABOUT THE SUCCESS OF OUR BUSINESS! There is no question having Padgett take care of the details has increased our bottom line - and we sleep better at night knowing things are done right and on time!!



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